Now serving the Greater Washington, DC area and the Maryland Eastern Shore.
Still proudly serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nicole & Matt
Elizabeth is a fantastic wedding planner. She and her team made our wedding so special and stress free for us. She is very organized. She sends a spread sheet in the beginning of the process to show you a pre-event timeline. Every week she asks you a few questions on decisions to make, and she would always make us feel so good about where we were in the process of planning. We ended up being completely done with planning 2 weeks before, and we just got to basically relax before the wedding! I can not recommend 2 the 9s Events enough!
Stacey Lewis - Director of Development - Aim High
When I met Elizabeth, our organization was preparing to host a nonprofit gala for 350 guests with just two staff. We truly could not have pulled it off without Elizabeth's vision, guidance and support. We have now worked with 2 the 9s Events for five years, and each year Elizabeth and her team get more precise, more creative, and more supportive of Aim High's mission and vision. Aim High's annual gala has grown to engage 500+ guests, and raise nearly triple the revenue since we began working with 2 the9s Events. Not only have we had increased success with 2 the 9s Events, but we trust them completely to ensure a stress-free event for staff and a fun and meaningful event for guests.
Mark & Robin
After meeting Elizabeth and her team as our coordinators and working with them for the final month leading to our big day, I can say that they went above and beyond our expectations! One thing my husband and I really appreciated about 2 the 9s Events was that they were problem-solvers. At one point, I mentioned that I was nervous about the timing of the wedding, and Elizabeth took that feedback and drafted up a schedule the next day to allay any fears of the ambiguities around the schedule. We also really appreciated the fact that whenever my husband and I couldn't decide on some detail of the wedding, Elizabeth would offer her opinion, unlike most vendors who would always say something like "well, it's your wedding, do whatever you like". And finally, on our actual wedding day, my husband and I felt like we didn't have to worry about a thing aside from just having fun and enjoying our moment. If you’re hiring a coordinator, definitely contact 2 the 9s Events. Our only regret was that we didn't hire Elizabeth and her team to plan our entire wedding!